G&L Savannah Collection

G&L Savannah

The G&L Custom Creations Savannah Collection

Imagine a late-summer sunset over the wild, beautiful African savannah. It’s easy when you gaze at the Savannah Collection. It’s the newest offering from G&L’s Custom Creations™ Department, and it might be our most beautiful to date.

Start with the body. It’s semi-hollow and it’s Okoume, an extremely light, sweetly resonant wood with a lot of mahogany’s warmth and a bit of maple’s snap. Top this with a cap of Korina, which has always been prized for its open, articulate tone. The result: a strikingly light axe with striking tones across the entire five-guitar collection.

Okoume and Korina are native to the African savannah – hence the name. But the collection’s distinctive finish – a golden-honey center and G&L’s rich Old School Tobacco Sunburst with its red highlights – also suggests natural beauty.

Add in quarter-sawn eastern maple necks with pao ferro fingerboards, carefully selected and spec’ed pickups, and Plek fret dressing, and you have a one-of-a-kind guitar that’s pure G&L.

08 - G&L

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