KYSER Guitar Straps



Kyser guitar straps are made from recycled leather and custom printed poly twill. On the front, these straps feature an elastic slip (the “capo-keeper”) for storage of your Kyser Quick-Change when not in use. The “capo-keeper” can also securely hold a slide or a harmonica. Kyser guitar straps are 100% handcrafted in the USA.

Available in 4 distinct designs, each with 3 colour variants, there is sure to be a strap for anyone!

KS1A - Spring K (Brown Leather), KS1B - Autumn K (Black Leather), and KS1C - Winter K (Black Leather)

KS2A - Cool Bloom (Brown Leather), KS2B - Warm Bloom (Brown Leather), and KS2C - Neon Bloom (Black Leather)

KS3A - Lake Wave (Brown Leather), KS3B - Ocean Wave (Black Leather), and KS3C - Sea Wave (Black Leather)

KS4A - Acorn Hash (Brown Leather), KS4B - Smoky Hash (Black Leather), and KS4C - Russet Hash (Black Leather)



  • Made from recycled leather and custom printed poly twill
  • 2″ wide padded body
  • Extra long tail which can be adjusted from 45″ to 55″
  • Elastic “capo-keeper” slip on front, holds a Quick Change Capo, slide, or harmonica
  • 100% handcrafted in the USA

Canadian Suggested Retail Price: $79.95

16 - Kyser

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