LANEY Ironheart IRT30-112



The IRT30-112 Features the same channel and tube compliment as the bigger IRONHEART models and growls with 30 Watts RMS of monster CLEAN, RHYTHM & LEAD tones. Sometimes where things come is very important! Take for example the IRT30-112’s fully balanced and selectable (dry guitar/amped) DI. It takes its source AFTER the output section – with cabinet emulation. This means you get your whole tone at the DI, a feature only previously available on super high-end, custom built guitar rigs or the IRT30-112’s cousin, the IRT-STUDIO!



  • 30 Watts RMS
  • 3 Channels (clean, rhythm, lead)
  • 3 band EQ with pull-push EQ shift on each
  • Master presence control
  • ECC83 Preamp valves (x4), 6L6 Power Tubes (x2)
  • Class AB
  • Laney designed digital reverb
  • Variable level FX loop
  • Emulated DI out
  • FS4-IRT footswitch included
  • 1 HH Custom Designed 12” Driver
  • Angled baffle.

Canadian Suggested Retail Price: $1109.95


24 - Laney





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