LUKA Drumsticks


Made in Quebec, Luka’s new generation of drumsticks are ergonomic, balanced, and versatile. They provide you with the optimal stick dimensions in terms of length, diameter, shoulder and tip. Each stick is weighed to the nearest gram to find a match. Available in in 5A, 5B and 7A variations, as┬áRegular or Anti-Slip. Luka’s famous Anti-Slip grip is located on the handles, allowing you to hold them with minimum support, thus delaying muscle exhaustion while permitting you to feel the wood.



  • Made of Hickory wood
  • Each stick is weighed and matched to create the perfect pair
  • Luka’s exclusive anti-slip grip offers drummers unprecedented control

Canadian Suggested Retail Price: $13.49-$19.95


48 - Luka Percussion

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