KUSTOM Auris 5012 FX

                        AURIS5012FX Features: 100 Watts RMS 12” Celestion Speaker 2 Channels Channel Personality Switch on Channel 1 (switches between Ultra Clean/Crunch Rhythm) Gain Boost on Channel 2 3-Band EQ with Parametric Mid Gain Control Volume and Volume Boost controls Dual-Section Digital Effects – Phase-Chorus-Flanger and Reverb-Delay-DeVerb MP3 Continue Reading

KUSTOM KDA Series Drum Amplifiers

                        The KDA Series are a new set of Drum Amplifiers, with EQ that give you the power to set your overall tone from warm acoustic to snappy electronic. The KDA might be the smallest of the KDA family, but this is a full-bodied Continue Reading

KUSTOM PH Series Amplifiers

  The PH Series are single channel, multi-voice guitar combo amplifiers. They are designed to offer a wide range of clean and dirty sounds, while providing rugged dependability and intuitive operation, bringing killer tone to life! The PH1012 and PH2012R offer the traditional Tone controls (Bass, Middle, Treble), but it is the gain control that Continue Reading


Jonny Rock Gear – Handmade in Montreal, QC, Canada All pedals are made with true bypass design, powder coated die cast aluminum enclosure with silk screened graphics, and DC output with negative center, compatible with standard 9V AC adaptors.   PINK-PIT - Analog delay, ideal for spatial ambience and echo type reverb Features: 3mm white water clear Continue Reading

DBZ Renegade ST Plus & EM

Renegade ST Plus – Available in BKGS-Black/Gold Stripe, PKSS-Metallic/Berry Stripe, and WHSS-White/Silver Stripe   Renegade EM – Available in BKBS-Black/Onyx Stripe, and BKRS-Black/Red Stripe   The RENEGADE combines both vintage and modern rock styling with the modern contours that DBZ•Diamond has become known for. Taking a cue from its predecessor models, the ultra-thin RENEGADE incorporates Continue Reading

DBZ Maverick ST & SM

Maverick ST – Available in BKGS-Black/Gold Stripe, HG-Hemi Green, and ORG-Orange   Maverick SM – Available in SNA-Satin Natural, and TRU-Transparent Ruby   The MAVERICK applies all the modern contours that DBZ•Diamond is known for, and a top-down redesign to a vintage-inspired instrument, giving it a new, hot rod modern style and updated feel. The Continue Reading

DBZ Hailfire ST, ST Plus & EX

Hailfire ST – Now also available in BRKS-Black/Red Stripes and BKSS-Black/Silver Stripes Hailfire ST Plus – Available in TWA-Satin Trans Walnut Hailfire EX – Available in NA-Natural   The HAILFIRE combines vintage rock and blues styling with the modern contours that DBZ•Diamond has become known for and results in something flat-out hot. The HAILFIRE has Continue Reading

DBZ Bird of Prey ST3, FM3, STE and 7-String Variants

  Bird of Prey ST3 and ST3 7-String, Available in Matte Black   Bird of Prey FM3 and FM3 Floyd Rose, with 7-String variants of both, Available in Transparent Red *Bird of Prey FM3 Floyd Rose also available in a Left-Handed version* Bird of Prey STE Floyd Rose and STE Floyd Rose 7-String, Available in Matte Black/Flat Dark Earth   Continue Reading


Featuring the same great IRONHEART tones as the bigger heads but in a low wattage studio package with some neat features added. Most of us agree that we’d love to record in a situation where making a lot of noise was not an problem but in most cases we’re recording in our home studios and making a lot Continue Reading

LANEY Ironheart IRT15H

WHICH WATTAGE? YOU CHOOSE! Housing a single high gain IRONHEART channel – with full EQ and switchable pre-boost feature the IRT15H is designed to give you CRUSHING IRONHEART tones at low output levels which makes it ideal for home recording and your smaller gigs. Using the unique input options of 15W or   Features: 15 Continue Reading